Gere Tripkov

Founder and active president of Equality NGO, project manager for the Zen 2.0 project

He is an advocate for the rights of marginalized social groups and has been committed to activist projects for the promotion of human rights for the last 10 years. He is also a Life & Executive Coach and the founder of the innovative, internationally awarded coaching program ‘Cosense – Coaching With All Senses’.

As a public figure, he has accumulated over 15 years of experience working in the highest governmental institutions and in the non-governmental, as well as the private sector.

Ruzhica Stojanovska

Project coordinator & Community Manager at Equality NGO

Social worker, guided by empathy, acceptance and equal love for all. She is committed to improving everyday life of marginalized sociаl groups and decreasing social risks in various areas.

With previous working experience in social work with elderly groups and Special Education Teaching Assistance, she brings her knowledge to Equality NGO and opens her mind to new views and ideas in the direction of additional learning, self-improvement and achieving the idea of equal opportunities and respect for all.

Simona Tripkova

Graphic designer within the framework of the Zen 2.0 project

Master of graphic design, creative magician and graphic guru who discovered the artistic calling in herself from an early age, which confronted her with an insatiable curiosity for drawing and painting. Over the years she becomes a passionate graphic designer with a keen eye for detail, turning dreams into designs and transforming ideas into visual masterpieces becames an inseparable part of her existence.

She also has many years of expirience in the industy and the priviledge of collaborating with various clients and creaing compeling visual stories. In addition, she dedicatedly works on campaigns which have a wide human dimension and are of strong social importance.

Lidija Krsteska

Marketing and social media

Founder of the marketing agency Moveup and is an eternal enthusiast for good marketing practices. She sincerely believes that the body can be transformed with the help of the mind, and that “the more we give to the world, the more it will be reciprocated”. Her message is: “I believe that we, the people with disabilities, can make cultural and practical changes for all future generations”

She is a firm believer of our ability to embrace new life experiences on a different, higher level and is warmly inviting you to join our mission.