The Mission

The association for active inclusion and appropriate treatment of people with disabilities “EQUALITY”, within its active commitment to society, sets as its main goal the protection of the rights of people with disabilities, social changes through various projects for personal and social growth and development. One of these projects includes “Zen 2.0 Caravan – Young Community Leaders”, which represents an initiative of cooperation between local authorities and youth activists to bring about positive social change.

The project “Zen 2.0 Caravan – Young Community Leaders” aims to encourage the mobility of young people, who through their proactive actions will encourage social progress. Through 5 forums, in 5 municipalities across the country, the Zen 2.0 Caravan led by the EQUALITY Organisation will foster inclusion and provide support to young people who will be involved in the process of finding strategic solutions for various socially relevant topics, which are of great importance for all young people, and the wider society as a whole.

During this project, young people will have the opportunity to identify various problems and encourage positive changes in their environment. The positive transformation will be supported by cooperation and support from municipalities and local authorities. Throughout the process, the EQUALITY Organisation will put the youth activists themselves at the center of attention, offering them mentorship, networking opportunities, and mental and physical immunity training. As a final task, our plan is to work on specific issues from the wide range of social life, where young people will have the opportunity to act as initiators and innovators of change by creating strategic solutions for the challenges and issues that they will identify as the most significant. By devoting themselves to this initiative, they will also receive opportunities to improve their personal and professional skills, which will serve them in the future for continued active participation in various areas of social life.

The mission of the project “Zen 2.0 Caravan – Young Community Leaders” is to create a successful model of cooperation, with the aim of initiating positive changes that will create conditions in the country, in which young people have a wide range of opportunities for continuous advancement and create successful stories of their own..

The Project is supported by European Endowment for Democracy (EED).